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    *Fantasy Badminton 2015*


FANTASY BADMINTON TEAM SCORING #FantasyBadminton  :-                                      

After the end of each phase Dressage/Cross Country/Show Jumping points will be awarded to Horse and Rider Combinations on the following basis:-

A. 24 points are given to the lead horse and rider combination, 22 for second and so on down to the horse and rider combination in 12th place recieving 2 points.

B. Horse and Rider Combinations Completing Within the Time Cross County Will Recieve 10 bonus points

C. Combinations Jumping Double Clear Will Recieve 5 Bonus Points

D. The Highest Placed Mare Recieves An Additional 10 Points

E. If Any of Your Chosen Combinations Are Eliminated 10 Points Are Removed from your Team Total.






In Conjunction With Our Generous Sponsors we are delighted the winner of our Fantasy Badminton 2015 Competition a goodie bag containing over £400 rrp worth of prizes including; a Car Service from MDP Landrover; £50 Flair Equestrian Voucher; Pure Feeds Saddlecloth; 50% Off Voucher for Equine Decision Science; a Koy Suits Bow Tie; a Ruggles Lycra Hood; 3Kg Tub of Global Herbs Globalvite & Bag of Treats & RJ Millar Eventing Headwear!!!!

To enter please choose 5 Horse & Rider Combintions from the Lists Below; 2 from A, 2 from B and one from C & fill in on the form to the right of this page.  In the unlikey event of a tie winners drawn from a hat!


* Required
ruggles Herbs Pure 4 flair 2 MDP

LIST A:-                                      

Kilronan - P Tapner

Clifton Promise - J Paget

Redesigned - P Funnell

Paulanch Brockagh - S Griffiths

Classic Moet - J Price

Leonidas - M Todd

Nereo - A Nicholson

De Novo News - K Cook

Designer 10 - B Hoy

Arctic Soul - G Tattersall

Horseware Hail Bob - I Klimke

Minos de Petra - P Leroy

Willy Do - L Jackson

Armada - O Townend

Ringwood Sky Boy - T Price

Indian Mill - P Tapner

Chilli Morning - W Fox-Pitt

Calico Joe - A Nicholson

Happy Times - S Griffiths

Second Supreme - P Funnell

Rutherglen - A Hoy

Clifton Lush - J Paget

Lanfranco - A Hoy

Ts Jamaimo - C Burton

Rumour Has It - M Blom

Onwards & Upwards - C Powell




LIST B:-                                      

One Two Many - N Wilson

Thisledown Poposki - I Taylor

Kings Temptress - M King

The Highland Prince - M Owen

Grand Manouvre - L Collett

Vaguely North - A Clark

Lets Dance - J Brakewell

Shannondale Titan - B Levitt

Oloa - M Todd

Sportsfield Othello - J Murphy

Fernhill Highlight - F Whittington

Ballyfarris Flight - L Lockwood

Lebowski - B Sturgis

Portersize Just A Jiff - C Speirs

Wii Limbo - G Spence

Stilo Kontika - G Uglotti

Mr Potts - L Harwood

Greenlawn Sky High - E Llewelyn

Coolys Luxury - T Crisp

Hasty Imp - F Whittington

Beltane Queen - N Wilson

Reve de Rouet - S Bullimore

Horseware Bushman - S Watson

Electric Cruise - J Murphy

Briarlands Matilda - I Taylor

The Lion - M Heath

Crown Talisman - N Gauntlett

El Grado - N Gauntlett




LIST C:-                                      

Xam - H Dzenis

Euro Prince - C Abbott

Out Of Africa Two - C Agnew

Lord Of The Owls - J Tew

Just Ironic - C Nicolai

Wie Donnas Neiiuemoed - L Hunt

King Eider - L Milne Holme

Chequers Playboy - D Hankey

Tom Tom Go 3 - N Bschorer

Amazing VIII - F Harris

Cool Dancer - O Wilmot

Mulrys Error - B Hobday

Nadeville Merze - N Wettstein

Absolut Opposition - N Dalton

September Bliss - E Power

Keyflow N.O.P - T Lips

Asih - A Peternell

Landine - R Carnegie

Sligo Luckyvalier - G Parsonage

Finbury Hill - H Bate

Kangasong - M Jackson

Ballylynch Adventure - M Ryan

Tubber Rebel - D Albert

Galley Light - B Way

Calador - P Sims

Glengarnock - P Sims

Millthyne Corolla - A Heffernan

Bolleybawn Ace - A Heffernan