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Global Herbs - Equine Supplements

Global Herbs uses traditional nutritional supplements backed up by the very latest scientific developments. This fusion of ancient wisdom and modern science has been transforming animals lives for some 25 years. The ancient wisdom goes back thousands of years and the modern science lies at the heart of today's world.


The specialists in high quality equine supplements aimed at supporting the quality and condition of your horse, both internally and externally

MDP Landrovers Raglan - Vehicle Sponsors

A local business run by Craig Stachera, who is an eventing enthusiast despite having only started riding at the start of 2013. MDP strive to offer a first class service at an affordable price. Whilst specialising in Landrover they can offer a quality service for any make and model.


In 2014 rjmillareventing and MDP combined forces to sponsor the Sinai Dressage Series.

Herbs MDP

Koysuits - Clothing Sponsors

Koysuits are made from bright and vibrantly coloured fabric called Kikoy. It is 100% cotton, dyed in Kenya with locally produced dyes. The jackets, waistcoats and accessories - bow ties and cummerbunds - are all available separately, so you can mix and match. The jackets and waistcoats look great with jeans, blue or black, a white shirt or T-shirt, smart or casual. The jackets in particular are ideal fun fashion wear for occasions such as Henley Regatta, stag do's, Cheltenham Festival, watching sports like Cricket, Rugby, Polo - even Badminton Horse Trials! They are also great for looking good and standing out in bars and clubs on your nights out! 


Equine Decision Science - Sport Horse Sponsors

Equine Decision Science is a new breeding tool to be launced to the public in 2015. The groundbreaking work provides an answer to which breeding crosses are likely to work best for performance horses across the various equine disciplines using the latest genetic reseach and quantitative technigues such as fuzzy logic. One of the top Universities is currently building the model. In support of their research EDS breeds and owns and leases a small number of young highly bred performance horses. EDS trusts Ross alone to develop and produce those horses to the highest levels of the competitive sport of eventing. These horses include Britannias Jewel, Lord Kintore, Heligern Pandora and the newly born Optimus Actinium.




Ruggles Equestrain Limited - Rug Sponsor

Ruggles horse rugs and accessories are made from the best materials and to our own design. Our range of horse, pony, Shetland/miniature/donkey rugs are designed to fit virtually every horse/pony as well as budget and include lightweight to heavyweight turnout rugs, wicking/cooler rugs, fly rugs, lycra hoods/body suits, fleece hoods, summer sheets and fleeces.


The quality of the rugs is excellent and the team here at RJ Millar Eventing are seriously impressed with them.

flair 2

Flair Equestrian Limited - Equestrian Retailer

Flair Equestrian aims to provide the top equestrian brands at affordable, fair prices. We aim to be the first to offer innovative and exciting new producs. We stock brands such as Jin Stirrups; Neu Schule and Animo as well as many budget lines with a consistent quality and performance.