Ross Millar Eventing

The 'Enjoy It Syndicate' was formed by advanced event rider Ross Millar, in memory of his late Mum, who, despite not being from a background of horses, became a huge fan of eventing and event horse ownership. The syndicate aims to offer a realistic event horse ownership experience at a fraction of the price. Members pay a one off fee for a calendar year, which means you never worry about any hidden additional extras.

Members are given regular updates by phone and email, but equally we actively encourage members to visit the yard and see the horses work and train while having some light refreshments and maybe even take the horses for a pick of grass.

In 2015 the syndicate will have Winston ZH and Beau Brummell at CCI**  level and the exciting Good Mix starting his eventing career. This means members will own horses competing at big international competitions while also getting the thrill of being part of the embryonic stage of a special horse's eventing career.


"Being part of The Enjoy It Syndicate is great fun and very informative. Myself and my daughter Wizz follow Ross's fabulous horses and love being part of the action at events where they are competing. Ash in particular is so striking we are proud to be able to say "that horse is ours". In between times we are kept up to date with lots of photos and contact from Ross. Visits to the yard are welcomed; as amateur eventers ourselves, being able to glimpse inside a professional yard is a real privilege."

Syndicate member Saran Allot-Davey

Enjoy It Syndicate Logo Winston

The 'Enjoy It' Syndicate

Enjoy It Syndicate Logo Russ

"Ross, sadly the season has come to an end so I'm sending you a quick note to thank you for invitation to see a couple of the horses at work. Until this year we had no idea of the scale of the events and the total organisation came as bit of a shock. The settings for the events are nothing short of breath taking and It's so much more fun having a small interest. Please pass on my thanks and congratulations to all your stable girls as our horses looked as good, if not better, than any in the competition. Hopefully we'll get chance to see what the "boys" do out of season, I'm sure you give them the occasional day off. Thanks again and here's to continued success next season." Russ.

Syndicate Member Russell Watkins