Ross Millar Eventing

John Bowen -Trainer

John is an International trainer who has been accredited with British Dressage and British Eventing for 20 years.

During this time he has competed Internationally in eventing and up to Grand Prix level in Eventing.John put his own competition career on hold 10 years ago, to allow him to focus on training other riders.Event riders training with John have won Olympic, World Championship and European Championship medals, at Senior, Young rider and Junior level, while dressage riders training with him have won at National and Regional championships up to Grand Prix.


John prides himself on following correct principles of training, with attention to the Scales of Training and progressive mental and physical development of the horse and rider combination.While not unique, it is uncommon for event riders to have one trainer to cover all three disciplines. Ross believes working with exclusively with John offers him a huge advantage, he says "it is a huge benefit to me that when walking xc and show jumping tracks at the big International competitions John has an absolute knowledge of each of my horses, and we often find that we can relate each jumping question on the course to an exercise we either practised over poles or on the flat in training".

Katie Matthews - Head Girl

Katie joined us in October 2014 having previously worked in an International Showjumping Yard.

She is exceptionally hardworking and dedicated to the horses and has a real flair for clipping!

Katie will be doing some grassroots eventing with her own horse Molly during the 2015 eventing season.

Katie naturally loves all the horses but it would be fair to say that Ash (Beau Brummel) is her favourite horse on the yard!

Anabelle Galt ITEC Dip Eq.Hu - Equine Physiotherapist

Anabelle is a fully qualified and insured equine physical therapist, specialising in and delivering the latest practice for equine sports massage. In order to gain her experience and qualifications Annabelle studied equine science followed by human sports therapy and then furthered her education by receiving training from the world renowned Mary Bromiley in equine sports therapy.


Annabelle is physio to a huge number of top professionals and covers a diverse range of sports from dressage to NH racing. She also travels to a number of top events each year to give riders access to physiotherapy throughout the duration of the event. Her focus is on a quality service and she strives to offer the the latest practice in physical therapy for both horse and rider, Annabelle maintains and expands her knowledge in physical therapy through continuing professional development.

Claire Norman - Sports Psychologist

Claire is a fully qualified Coach with the International Coaching Academy (Distinction, 2001), and a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (Distinction 2007), Time Empowerment Techniques, and Hypnotherapy, with American Pacific University (Distinction 2006)


She spent over 15 years in European Corporate life, directing extensive change programmes, setting up national training centres, and internal consultancy groups before moving to independent consultancy and coaching, in 2000. Since then, her enthusiasm has driven her to many sectors, including Media, Sports, Retail, and Finance. Claire has also been working with Academic Institutions, such as Loughborough University and Ashridge Business School, developing programmes that unite both Elite Sports Performers and Senior Executives through leadership and winning strategies.

Patrick Peacock - Farrier

At Ross Millar Eventing we are always aware of the old adage 'No Foot, No Horse'. A good farrier in our busy professional yard is imperative.


Pat has been shoeing the horses for over a year now and his attention to detail combined with his lovely manner with the horses make him a critical member of our team.

JB Photo (1) Annabele Paul

Paul Frankland - Fitness Trainer

Paul has enjoyed participating in sport and exercise from early childhood. He pursued this interest from an academic perspective and gained a degree in the Science Management of Health and Fitness, from Farnborough Technical College.


As a personal trainer Paul continuously strives to develop his skills as a trainer to ensure he has the right tools to help his clients achieve their goals. Paul has a no-nonsense and highly effective style, tailoring bespoke programmes that are achievable and deliver outstanding results.


Paul specialises in training programmes for strength and conditioning, including weights, core work, flexibility and boxing. Paul has gained expertise in the field of boxing and trains with former World Kickboxing champion Andre Daltrey. He has developed into a well rounded training professional who excels in delivering motivating, energetic sessions and works closely with a number of horse riders getting them fit for show jumping and eventing.

Lewys Thomas - Trainee

Lewys joined us in February 2015 having won a place on the Welsh Government Trainee Scheme. This is an excellent scheme which partners with top yards whom they deem capable of providing a practical education on horse management sport and welfare ready for a long term career in the industry.


Having quickly settled in as a key part of the team Lewys has impressed everyone with his goodnatured charm and quiet way with the horses.


Ross Website 9 Leo

Leo - Team Mascot

Leo is an active part of team Ross Millar Eventing and insists on his front seat in the lorry at all times on the way to events. During events he is rather partial to lurking around the burger vans posing in the hope of attaining a burger - something he achieves with surprising regularity. Leo is often seen larking around the yard and checking everyone's water buckets. His best friend is Good Mix (Bertie) one of The 'Enjoy It' Syndicate horses and they love chasing each other about the field.


Ross was in equal measure proud and mortified when this picture of Leo got more likes than one of him posing with a tub of global herbs product!



Katie Lewys